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Project Overview

Keniston is a small housing association with about 700 rented homes in London and the South East.

They aim to provide an excellent service to residents in managing the tenancies and keeping the properties in good order. Keniston want the people who live in their properties to be very satisfied with the service they provide and they work hard to try and achieve this. Keniston want to use their resources to provide more homes for people who need them.


Keniston Housing use external HSE inspectors to inspect the common areas of the general needs housing and sheltered needs housing within their portfolio. They wanted a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to review the risk assessments already in place, who could act autonomously, manage their own site visits and had been recommended for excellent service.

The incumbent had been in the role for several years and a new organisation was sought that could provide reliable and predictable service within the stated service timescale.

What No Safety Services were recommended by peers within the Housing Association network as being a great service provider. Furthermore they had proven expertise of providing HSE assessment within common areas of properties such as flats, offices and serviced premises.

Challenges and Solutions

The ongoing framework of support is for a 3 year planned contract, starting February 2015 and included the combination of general HSE risk assessment and additionally fire risk assessment. The provision of support under one contract package provides convenience and cost efficiency for the client.

What No Safety Services were selected based on the ability to provide all the required support, they had excellent peer group recommendation and could deliver the 100% inspection to the common areas identified within the stated 2 month timescale.

They responded to queries with speed and understood the specific considerations relative to the environment. What no Safety Services always responded quickly and in completeness to any questions and were able to mobilise in order to start the project swiftly.

With prior experience of working with caretakers within facilities, they were able to communicate effectively to arrange appointments in an efficient manner, understanding the sensitivity of entering community spaces.


The project focuses on HSE and fire risk assessments as retained external HSE advisor. The reports were carried out on an agreed fee basis and any additional support and advice on an hourly fee basis.

Value Management

Value management was key in the combination of fire risk and general HSE assessments from one provider. Not only was this more effective, it minimised disruption for the caretakers and premises users as a single visit was required in order to generate the report.


Observations from the risk assessment visits were formatted into action sheets, where relevant staff were signposted to the detailed action specific to them. This made the process easy to manage and with the inclusion of photos that identified the specific area of concern, saved time in locating the issue. The full and complete risk assessments were generated in a collaborative manner, so that they were easy to discuss with all involved in the process.


Keniston Housing were pleased to use What No safety Services as their external HSE inspectors, offering combined expertise on general health and safety as well as specific fire risk assessments. The clear and precise reporting was delivery in the demanded timeframe so that Keniston Housing Association could be reassured that the common areas of properties had been assessed with due diligence and improvement measures put in place where necessary.

What No Safety Services provided full and complete risk assessments, backed up by prompt paperwork. They have worked well with our caretakers with their calm and sensitive approach.

They provide a well-managed risk assessment process and came to us highly recommended by other housing associations including photographs of specific areas of concern in the risk assessment reports mean that areas can be targeted efficiently and quickly resolved.

Tony Coward – Repairs Service Manager - Keniston Housing Association

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