All is calm, all is bright…and safe!

The festive season is full of things to wonder at and enjoy, and it’s easy to gloss over the little things which can present a fire risk.  So, as you decorate your home, office, or visit friends and family, take a moment to step back and notice – you’ll create a much cosier Christmas when everybody is safer.


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  • Safety First at Christmas

Take a look around your house…  Get the kids involved too!  What can you spot that might cause an accident?  From Christmas trees to twinkly lights, there are all sorts of things you can adjust to make you safer!  And don’t forget to be just as vigilant in the office.  Businesses are responsible for making sure their workplaces maintain safety standards throughout the season.

Here are a few things to look out for to ensure a happy holiday season:

As you string lights up around your house or office remember that you are essentially stringing up electrical wires.  Don’t tack them to a wall with nails or pins as you could damage the wire and cause a fault.  Also, remember to distribute your light plugs to different sockets – overloading extension cords is never clever.

If you have a nifty timer you can plug in and set, or connect it up to a home system app, then use it – you can have your lights switch on as evening falls, but switch off again as you go to bed or leave the office.  No more forgetting to turn them off overnight, meaning no more wasted energy or potential fire hazards.

Never display cards and decorations above a fire, and it’s best to keep them away from other heat sources too, such as light fittings. 

Candles bring a beautiful ambience during the cosy season, but remember they are an open flame and must never be left unattended.  Make sure they are kept away from any decorations which could catch light.  Make sure your smoke alarm is working too!

As a business owner, in the workplace, make sure you know your fire procedures and that they work effectively, also keeping fire exits clear at all times.  Having trained staff who know how to react quickly and responsibly is also important – we offer various training courses (including Fire Warden Training) to get your staff feeling confident.

If you are unsure and would like advice about how to improve your safety procedures and policies, or would like to book a course, get in touch with us on 01722 326 390.

Wishing you a safe, happy season!