Health and Safety Policy

The Heath and Safety Policy sets out the framework for your company’s management system regarding what you are going to do to safeguard your employees and those who may be affected by the works you undertake.

This includes reference to continuous improvement, distribution of resources which can include time, materials and staff. All of the above should be captured in a statement of intent signed by the most senior person within the organisation and renewed on a yearly basis.

The policy should give guidance on the duties and responsibilities of different levels of management within the organisation including senior managers who will be focused on strategic ideas, managers who will be implementing safety initiatives and employees. This should be clearly laid out within the organisational section of the policy.

The arrangement section of the policy details how health and safety is to be implemented through the organisation focusing on the controls available to management, how the workforce is to be consulted and health and safety communicated to them and ensuring that staff are competent to undertake their roles.

We will create a health and safety policy tailored to your organisation and assist you in reviewing and revising it on a yearly basis to ensure it remains effective and up-to-date.

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