Safety Audits & Inspections

The Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974, Section 2 requires that you have to have a safe system of work and that your staff supervise.

To ensure that this requirement is being met the company or organisation has to ensure that monitoring and inspections are being undertaken to ensure that the controls that the organisation has put in place remain in place and continue to protect the staff, interested parties and the business reputation.

Inspections can be carried out on your premises with the member of our staff visiting an undertaking inspections of detailed areas or in certain circumstances this can be carried out remotely using modern technology and the use of a mobile camera.

Should your compliance processes require it we can undertake audits to comply with ISO 45,001, 14,001, 9001.

We can also undertake gap analysis of your organisation to establish if you are legally compliant and if not where the gap is and create action plans to assist you in managing the gap.

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