General Points of Good Housekeeping and Safety

General points of good housekeeping and safety to be considered in all workplaces on a daily basis.

  • Are work areas, offices, stockrooms, workshops etc. kept clean and tidy with suitable bins provided?
  • Is waste, rubbish, debris disposed of regularly and safely, including redundant drums of materials and boxes?
  • Are buildings, floors, yards and structures adequately and safely maintained?
  • Are there any trips hazards or trailing leads?
  • Are there any areas from where falls are likely?
  • Are steps and stairs, obvious and provided with hand rails?
  • Are toilet facilities clean, well lit, well stocked and ventilated?
  • Is lighting satisfactory in all areas?
  • Is heating satisfactory in all areas?
  • Are standards in regard to control of dust, fumes and smells satisfactory?