Improving Performance and Reducing Risk

ISO 45001 the new International standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management – is about improving performance and reducing risk across the globe not just in the United Kingdom.

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If your business is already registered for other ISO standards e.g. ISO 9001 for quality control or ISO 14001 for Environmental Management standards or already holds the BS OHSAS 18001 standard, you may be interested to find out more about the new Occupational Health and Safety Management standard, it is anticipated that the final standard is scheduled for publishing later this year. 

What are the anticipated benefits of the new standard?

The draft version of ISO 45001 brings occupational health and safety management and continual improvement into the heart of your business. 

Just think of the multiple benefits as a result of implementing and adopting an occupational health and safety management system:

  • Reduced work related injuries, ill health and death
  • Eliminate or minimise Occupational Health & Safety risks
  • Improve Occupational Health & Safety performance and effectiveness
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility and meet supply chain requirements
  • Protects brand reputation
  • Motivates and engages staff through consultation and participation

So what is your business going to do?

Anticipated arrival is the end of 2016 but no precise date has yet been given. If you are interested in complying with this new standard please drop us a line: