People First

Whether you are attempting to execute a risk assessment on a workbench or writing a policy document that will impact upon two thousand employees, if you fail to connect with the people involved then you will fail to deliver.

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So we arrive at the crucial part the objective.  As is the case with all relevant health and safety procedures the emphasis must be on the people involved and the objective is to ensure their safety.

The only effective formula to manage health and safety successfully is to engage with the people involved, identify the hazards, assess the risks, implement control measures and review and update your findings on a regular basis.  Conduct your business in this inclusive and transparent manner and you will achieve your objective

Maintaining that people focus definitely benefits any business and effective management of both health and safety and employee relations can ensure legal compliance and create new tender opportunities and business accreditation.

The very fact that you are investing in your workforce will deliver the long term benefits, both for the here and now and the future.

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