Business Continuity Training Course

Business Continuity planning is key to business survival and its ability to continue operating when the unthinkable happens.

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Could your business survive major disruption?

How would your business deal with bad publicity, an economic downturn or even lawsuit? Okay so that might not happen BUT they can and do. Business Continuity planning is knowing what your Plan B is, who is responsible for implementing it and most importantly what you will do!

Disruption can take many forms: such as your IT system going down and taking your phones and internet with it. Now while this might only be for a few hours, how would you cope if this was extended into days? A major disruption could be your building or factory is damaged and not safe for a period of time – where would you go, how would you operate?

A disaster can happen to any business small or large and take many different forms. Planning how to deal with the disaster before it happens makes good business sense, enabling you to react as opposed to being reactive.

The two part Business Continuity training has been developed to help ensure businesses are able to continue operating after a crisis.

Part One: Ensuring your business continues to operate during a crisis

  1. What is business continuity
  2. Impact of foreseeable events on your business
  3. Advantages to your organisation
  4. How to develop a business continuity plan (including recovery plans)
  5. What is and the benefits of a risk register
  6. Situational awareness

Part Two: Managing a business continuity event, the practical how

  1. Situational awareness
  2. Risk management
  3. Risk appetite
  4. Decision making
  5. Leadership and objective setting
  6. Information decision and recording

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